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30.000 trees growing in Zambia !

Posted by Olivia Nootebos on
30.000 trees growing in Zambia !
We just received our latest report from our Belgian partner WeForest and are happy to share goods news with you!
Our contribution not only support growing trees, but it includes all fundamental activities that lead to the success of the project : honey harvest, eggs production farms and beekeeping actions.
Why do we speak about "growing trees" instead of "planting trees"? 
To have thriving forests, WeForest has mixed methods of planting trees and natural regeneration. Generally speaking, ‘planting’ is considered as useful shorthand for growing trees, using complex restoration techniques such as ‘Assisted Natural Regeneration’, which involves enabling the growth of seedlings to emerge on site naturally where they would ordinarily not survive and thrive. This method has the greatest chance of success – as opposed to ‘planting’ only. 

Our common goal is for forests to thrive in order to have a positive climate impact. Therefore, all their projects use a combination of approaches depending on the local needs and the highest chance of success: this includes both active planting and assisted natural regeneration so that we can grow as many trees as possible that will thrive in the long-term.

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