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140,443 trees planted!

Posted by Harriet Coates on
140,443 trees planted!

As an integral part of the fashion industry, we are responsible for the impact our choices have on the planet. We strive every day to become more environmentally friendly and to implement sustainable practices in our work.

To date, we have brought 43.44 hectares under restoration, by funding the growth of 140,443 trees!



As a lifelong commitment towards the planet, we have partnered with Trees for the Future and WeForest. We are committed to funding the growth of a tree for every belt we sell.


 Zambia copperbelt Forest on farms WeForest 



The impact made through our partnership with WeForest is not only limited to the restoration of degraded forests, but also supporting incentives through forest-friendly livelihoods like beekeeping, sustainable agriculture and honey harvesting. This reduces pressure on the forests while improving food security and nutrition.

Besides preserving biodiversity and regional cultures, we are supporting economic alternatives for the local communities throughout developing countries. Trees for the Future trains communities on sustainable land use so that they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet.



We are also empowering women in developing countries by supporting women-led micro-enterprises, such as nurseries or community-based beekeeping and honey production enterprises, which can thrive with the right support.

Learn more about our partnerships at and Let’s get planting!


Pictures: ©SM_WeForest ©RubenFoquet_WeForest

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