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This is not just a belt

La Boucle is an innovative new belt concept that lets you be comfortable in the life you want to lead every day. With La Boucle, you can be your authentic self and not compromise on style.

Be colourful wild and wonderful
Everyone is wearing belts, but you’re wearing a statement

La Boucle successfully launched! 425 % Funded on Kickstarter!

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Discover on Vimeo
La Boucle City "Originale" Collection La Boucle City "Petite" Collection

One size fits all

One size fits all 1 tree planted Vegetable italian tanned leather Life guarantee Water Friendly For work & travel Full recycled packaging No alarm passing at airport For Sports +1 additional loop Quick drying Fits all type of pants

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The world's first travel tech belt!

Most belts are designed for one type of activity only. One for work, another for play, another for travel. But your day is full of many different activities. Shouldn’t your belt keep up with your lifestyle?

Made by travellers for Travellers!

La Boucle Originale - Paris and Florence Model
La Boucle "Originale" - Brussels Model

Wear a statement, wear your values.

In every La Boucle belt, you can see the quality materials such as handmade craftsmanship, vegetable tanned leather and experience the durability of a belt made to last.
We make sure that for every La Boucle purchased, one tree is planted to help. Don’t compromise your style for your values. True sustainability is when you can wear your belt for several years ...

One belt sold = one tree planted

One size fits all 1 tree planted

This is La Boucle it's a new type of belts, one for all type of activities.

La Boucle "Originale" City Collection can stretches up to 150cm / 59 inches and can carry weight up to 400kg/800 pounds, to be sure that one size really fits all.

Ghent University

All tests were done by the centre for Textile science and engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

La Boucle "Originale" - Brussels and Dubai Model
La Boucle "Originale" - Edinburgh Model