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Meet the founders

We are two young Belgian entrepreneurs, Arnaud & Frederik. Through our current company, Blue Storks Travel Retail, we connected with Italian workshops at trade shows in Florence, Italy. After our visit at a local vegetable leather tannery in Tuscany, owned by our friend Giuseppe, we were inspired by his craftsmanship and the quality of the materials he used.
Thus, we made a promise to invest our time and creativity into working with this inspiring Italian man and his state-of- the art tannery. We believe in the spirit of “buy less, but better”. Making good products never goes out of style - and we know you agree. We want to stay true to our values and not to compromise on quality. That’s why we created La Boucle.

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Meet Guiseppe

Making superior products never goes out of style. Meet our friend Giuseppe, who inspired us with his craftsmanship and quality materials in his vegetable leather tannery.

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