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Sustainability is not a matter of preference. It is an absolute priority!

At La Boucle, we believe that the world over-consumes and that this is unsustainable in the long run. This is why we believe in a future where we live in a more responsible way. We consider real sustainability as having a durable long-term vision in which there is respect for our planet and the people who live on it.

We believe in offering high quality accessories at a fair price. Our belts are here to last. They are sustainable, colourful, and uncomplicated. Our vision is simple: Sell less, but better.

Discover our green influence

About WeForest

WeForest is a Belgian non-profit association with a global reach, focussed on halting Global Warming through large-scale reforestation projects in tropical countries. Trees are the best known ‘technology’ to cool our planet: they absorb the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and they create water-vapour clouds which reflect the solar radiation back into space. Besides cooling down our planet, trees have many additional benefits: they supply clean water, reduce erosion, lower landslide risk, mitigate floods and droughts, and engage whole communities.


Indeed, via WeForest’s tree planting activities, whole communities are empowered, they receive ownership of land and access to alternative income sources by working in tree nurseries and via the increase in forest-related products such as medicine and fruits. Especially women are empowered through trainings, women-led micro-enterprises and through other economic opportunities which makes them financially independent and resilient.

Our partnership

As a fashion company with concern for climate : we are please to work with We Forest to help us leading projects that have a positive and lasting impact on local communities. It was clear that, for us, it is not all about selling more belts, it is about selling belts in an environmentally conscious way. For every belt sold, they will plant one tree in Zambia.

Luanshya, Zambia

The Luanshya district is Zambia's most densely populated region and as a result its forests have been disappearing. WeForest supports farmers to restore the native Miombo woodlands that are disappearing from the region. By employing assisted natural regeneration of Miombo woodlots (plots of native woodland on farms) and introducing economic activities such as bioenergy and honey production, local communities can restore their forests. The farmer population benefits from diversified jobs, higher incomes and new skills. This project looks to aid farmers in obtaining ownership of land in order to secure the sustainability and longevity of the conservation and livelihood outcomes.