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Who are we

La Boucle is not your ordinary belt brand. We were not founded by one or two entrepreneurs looking to make a profit. La Boucle is a group of optimistic dreamers who have decided to take the road less traveled to bring real change to a tiresome, old industry. We set out on this journey to create the ultimate belt, one that is designed and competes in all aspects of life while remaining true to our values of environmental care and stewardship.

Our young, enthusiastic and international team operate from our beautiful headquarters in Brussels, Belgium; where we focus on nuturing talent and allowing each member of the team to excel in creativity, marketing, design, sales and innovation.

We are still a young company, so innovation is key to our success. We operate on the belief that to try and fail is always better than playing it safe and being one step behind. No risk, no reward.

The Revolution

Most belts today are boring; based on a design that has remained unchanged for over a century, they do not match the modern active urban lifestyle that so many of us enjoy. This is where we step in. Gone are the days of wearing a stuffy three piece suit to the office, today we enjoy the freedom to express our individuality with what we wear and how we dress. We're explorers who like to discover new places and people around the world, so we need to travel light & free from all unnecessary things. Each item we wear needs to be elegant and convenient for work or leisure and should be highly comfortable to allow this feeling of freedom. 

Our belt was designed for the new generation of global citizens. Useful, comfortable and fashionable - a La Boucle belt can be worn in any and all situations, whether it’s a wedding, work, a city trip or outdoor festival. With its stretchable technology, waterproof material and no holes for a perfect fit, there really is no other belt you’ll ever need. 

A La Boucle belt is not just a belt.

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