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A snake’s tongue is one of the great wonders of nature. It gives the snake; a thin, small animal, the confidence and power to become majestic. With your La Boucle belt it won’t be different.

The Snake' Tongue


No more trouble with not accurate holes, one size fits all! Due to the belt’s braided finish, it can be tightened up in whichever part of it that fits best.

Braided Design

Vegetable leather

Sustainable quality is our priority. Every gift box comes with a unique certification of the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. You’ll believe it when you wear it, but here’s a proof of the eco friendly natural materials used in our tanning process.

Italian leather certificate


Metal buckle, double stitching, stretchable material. The belt can carry up to 520 kg before ripping thanks to official strength tests of Ghent University. You know we wouldn’t leave you in the lurch.

Italian leather certificate

Additional interchangeable loop

La Boucle comes with an additional interchangeable loop that can easily be added on the belt. You might be used to the side of your belt hanging almost as part of your outfit, but how nice is it to finally be able to close the circle?

Additional interchangeable loop

Elastic distinguish red ribbon

You’re a global citizen. You need to travel light and your belt shouldn’t stop you. Our red ribbon will help you compress your belt in the best possible way to make room for the rest of your luggage.

Additional interchangeable loop

Handmade Double Stitching

It’s all about the details. In every La Boucle belt, you can see quality materials such as handmade craftsmanship, and double stitching for a belt that’s made to last.

Additional interchangeable loop

Water friendly

It’s all about the details. In every La Boucle belt, you can see quality La Boucle is made for all kind of lifestyles and activities. To ensure you get the best experience and never need to say no… La Boucle will be ready to follow up!that’s made to last.

Water friendly

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