You feel you are a citizen of the world and your actions have a global impact? Instead of buying cheap products that fade out quickly, you prefer to consume less but better? Should the pricing be fair and the quality excellent for an item to enjoy real longevity?

At La Boucle, we strive to create solutions for a more sustainable fashion industry.

With Weforest, CO2 emissions related to the production, the shipping and the commercialisation are neutralised. In addition to the best materials and a recycled packaging, La Boucle works with an eco-tannery in Italy.

For each La Boucle,
one tree is planted.

Plant your tree

7 years Guarantee

All belts purchased through this compaign will come
with a 7 years warranty on manufacturing defects.

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La Boucle Belt Logo La Boucle Belt Logo

Buy less,
but better

Making superior products never goes out of style. Meet our friend Giuseppe, who inspired us with his craftsmanship and quality materials in his vegetable leather tannery.

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Packaging is full Recycled

Fully recycled

The details make the difference.
Our box is made with recycled materials.
A perfect gift packaging, to keep or to recycle.