Not just a belt, not just a brand,
an experience, a passion...
a statement.
La Boucle.

Buy better

You are a citizen of the world and your actions have a global impact. Instead of buying cheap products that fade out quickly, you prefer to consume less, but better. The price should be fair and the quality excellent in order to have an item that can have a real longevity.

Wear a statement
Wear your values

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Italian vegetable tanned leather

Italian vegetable
tanned leather

Recycled packaging

Recycled packaging

For each La Boucle, one tree is planted

For each La Boucle,
one tree is planted

Nickel free

Nickel free

No chromium

No chromium

Strechable play button


One size fits all

Eco-Leather play button


Italian vegetable tanned leather

Love the unexpected play button

Love the unexpected


For sports play button

For all types of activities

Swing the life you want

For all types of activities play button

Ideal for travellers

Metal detectors friendly

Simplicity play button


No belt holes



The snake's


Not just a package

Each model comes with a cool gift set, in line with the city you’ve decided to explore with us. We also provide an additional loop that can easily be used with your belt, so it can get specially adjusted to your waist. Once the exclusive packaging is slid open, you'll discover a numbered certificate from the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. The perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself.

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Obtained results at Ghent University

All tests were done by the centre for Textile science and engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium. La Boucle “Originale” City Collection can stretches up to 150cm / 59 inches and can carry weight up to 400kg / 800 pounds, to be sure that one size really fits all.


Can stretch up to 59 inches 150cm

Can stretch up to
59 inches 150cm

Can carry weight to 1147/

Can carry weight
to 1147 LBS/520Kg

Global Travellers,
global citizens

Wider horizons and broader life-plans, the new generations are always on the move. Suitable for all-day activities wherever you are and wherever you’re travelling to. Unlike any other ordinary belt, La Boucle will be ready to follow your lifestyle.
Designed by travellers, for travellers.

Travel light

The Founders

Arnaud and Frederik Giuseppe

We are two young Belgian entrepreneurs, Arnaud & Frederik.

Through our current company, Blue Storks Travel Retail, we connected with Italian workshops at trade shows in Florence, Italy. After our visit at a local vegetable leather tannery in Tuscany, owned by our friend Giuseppe, we were inspired by his craftsmanship and the quality of the materials he used.

Thus, we made a promise to invest our time and creativity into working with this inspiring Italian man and his state-of- the art tannery. We believe in the spirit of “buy less, but better”. Making good products never goes out of style - and we know you agree. We want to stay true to our values and not to compromise on quality. That’s why we created La Boucle.

La Boucle,
the ultimate belt

La Boucle was successfully launched by the end of October 2018. Have a look at our introduction video!

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